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Facing a Driving Under the Influence charge, Driving Under Suspension or points violations can be frightening and confusing. We provide experienced and knowledgeable help to avoid missteps and to achieve the best possible outcome to your vehicle violation and license issues. With offices in the York, Dillsburg, and Dover PA areas, we are the neighborhood solution to your legal needs.


Speeding, Motor Vehicle Violations & Driver's License Issues

You've probably been told that "driving is a privilege" but when faced with loss of a driver's license or a tarnish on your record, you don't see it that way. Loss of a license or cumulating and major violations can have serious implications on your employment, insurance rates, ability to care for your family and your social life. When faced with traffic violations or issues with PennDOT regarding your license or registration, put our experience to work to help you protect your rights.

We have assisted countless individuals keep their licenses and reduce the impact of driving violations and can cut through the sea of chaos in dealing with PennDOT's regulatory requirements and points system. We are experienced in communicating with PennDOT and its lawyers in solving Driver's License issues so let us assist you with all your license motor vehicle needs.

Drinking Driver's Defense

There are few events in your life that can be as devastating to you and those close to you as a DUI charge. A DUI has serious driver's license consequences and can't take a lot of money and court time to resolve. More importantly you can face stiff jail sentences for a DUI charge, whether you face your first or your sixth DUI, you need experienced representation with a focus on you and the specific facts of your case.

There are plenty of lawyers who will handle your DUI case. But there are few "DUI Lawyers". We have been handling DUI's since the early 1980s when the modern era of DUI prosecution began. Allow our decades of experience, reputation and litigation skills work for you and the best possible outcome in your case.

We are experienced trial attorneys ready to fight for your constitutional rights and to challenge illegal police procedures and violations of your rights. We are eager to explain your options and considerations when faced with DUI including ARD, Treatment Courts, challenging police procedures and the government's conduct and evidence.